Air traffic volume in the Czech Republic is on the rise

Aerial transport in the Czech Republic is developing and maintaining the highest levels of safety, precision and sustainability. According to an article published in the Air Traffic Management, the year 2016 was the busiest year yet in the country in terms of air traffic. According to the ANS CR (Aerial Navigation Service of the Czech Republic) This is the third consecutive year in which the air traffic records over the Czech Republic has been surpass.

In comparison to the previous year, 2015 air traffic had increased by 6.95%, particularly in the Prague airport that reached capacity: 136,419 flights which landed and took off from it. This represents a rise of 6.4% in comparison to 2015. In fact, in 2016 a rise of over 200% took place in air traffic over the Czech Republic in comparison to 2002.

The busiest month aerially speaking in the Czech Republic was July, with 87,583 flights, of which 3,018 on the busiest day- the 30th of July. The amount of passengers passing through Czech airports (arrivals and departures) reached 130 million people in 2016.

The aim of the Czech Aerial Navigation Service is to provide maximal aerial safety in the air space of the Czech Republic. The CEO of the company, Yan Klas, claims that in 206 this aim has been successfully achieved in three parameters:

  1. The European standard in regard to flight delay has been met. In the Czech Republic, the average delay was 0.01 minutes, whereas the European standard is 0.09 minutes.
  2. An increase in the number of services provided. In 2016, the ANS CR provided 7.9 more ground services in comparison to the previous year. They handled aircraft with greater mileage and handled more cargo.
  3. An improvement in the organization and safety of the air space and the flight paths over the Czech Republic since February 2015. This improvement has brought about greater safety, led to parsimony in fuel and greatly reduced the environmental impact.

These parameters indicate that the field of aviation in the Czech Republic is a growing and developing field of business on the one hand, and one that is secure on the other hand. This is yet another indication of the Czech Republic being an attractive and secure destination for economic investment in various fields of business. To receive additional details of safe business opportunities in the Czech Republic in developing economic fields, please contact us.