Over a million tourists boarded in Airbnb apartments in the Czech Republic in 2017

Over a million tourists who visited the Czech Republic last year boarded in the country through Airbnb, a growth of over 50% in comparison to the previous year. That's not all – the number of tourists who have made use of Airbnb outside Prague has grown by 108%. These figures have been published by Anita Roth, Chief of the Research Department of Airbnb.

Most of the Airbnb users in the Czech Republic in 2017 arrived from Germany and the United States, but Europeans in general made up 75% of the total number of lodgers. In total, the Airbnb users in the Czech Republic expended over 320 million Euro's on lodging in the Airbnb apartments.

There are currently over 11,000 people (some investors who specifically bought these apartments for this purpose) who are offering rooms or entire apartments to rent in the framework of Airbnb, so that they make on the average 54,000 Czech Korunas a year. Prague, South Moravia and Silesia are currently the most popular Airbnb destinations in the Czech Republic.

The average age of Airbnb hosts in the Czech Republic is 30+, but Anita Roth claims that the trend is changing, and that more and more older people are offering rooms or apartments to rent via Airbnb.

The statistics proves this: about 10% of the hosts are 60 and above and Airbnb enables them to continue to enjoy a high standard of living in the city center. In fact, the most rapidly growing Airbnb host demographic are women over 60.

Does this sound interesting?

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