The wage gaps in the Czech Republic: The winners and the losers

Quite a few Czechs “wasted” their best years in the university and today work in well paying positions. These jobs require high performance under pressure, willingness to work extra hours, and being responsible for other people and many funds. Others earn lower wages but return home each day after leaving their work ate their workplace, and spend more time and attention on their families.

The highest earning jobs in the Czech Republic

A flight supervisor is one of the highest earning professions in the Czech Republic. The monthly net wages of a flight supervisor is some 164,000 Czech Korunas. The managers of large companies and organizations in the Czech Republic also earn very respectable wages - a net monthly salary of nearly 114,000 Czech Korunas. Third, insofar as average wages are concerned, are doctors, whose monthly net salary is 89,000 Czech Korunas.

On the other extreme of the scale are the low paying wages given to cleaners, concierges, and waiters whose salary ranges between 10,000 - 11,000 Czech Korunas. This data was taken from the database regarding average salaries in the Czech Republic run by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Finance. This system regularly monitors the wages and work hours of the Czech Republic’s work force.

The lowest wages are generally associated with “Blue collar work” and for employees in the agricultural sector. For example: the median net monthly salary of a factory worker is 13, 366 Czech Korunas and that of an agricultural employee is 15,297 Czech Korunas.

The net salaries are sometimes defined by a median value that is, in most cases, lower than the average wages. A median salary is the economic halfway line dividing all wages earned in a given occupation. The meaning is that half of those employed in a given business receive a lower than median salary and half of them receive more. The values used to conduct this study is from the first half of the year 2015.

Ranking the highest statues occupations in the Czech Republic

What occupations in the Czech Republic have the highest statues? The Czech grant the highest statues to doctors, scientists, nurses and teachers. These results derive from a long term opinion poll that analyzes the prestige of various occupations in the Czech Republic. The respondents select those occupations that they view as most prestigious out of a list of 26 occupations. Topping the list are doctors and scientists. It was also found that the net wages of teachers is not high enough. For example: the net median wages of a professional teacher in high school and of a teacher in elementary school are, respectively: 25,081 Czech Korunas and 27,071 Czech Korunas.

In spite of the criticism within the Czech Republic, medical occupations are once again those held to be most prestigious because they safeguard what people value most - their health. The Czechs also highly value education and those who provide it - the teachers. The wages of soldiers and police officers are improving but those of parliament members are still held to be too low.

The list of the ten most remunerative occupations also includes judges, farm owners, architects, information technology innovators and developers and police officers. The latter are in the top ten for the first time ever after climbing up the rankings from the 20th place over the past few years.

Soldiers also enjoy a great deal of popularity and are have risen in their ranking each year. On the other hand, the popularity of professional athletes and of politicians is declining. Politicians earn relatively high wages but their professional prestige is in decline. This year they are ranked 24th in the list of most popular occupations, declining from 13th in 2004. Journalists are in a similar position but politicians are different: each year they are ranked either last or before last.

These changes in the popularity of carious occupations derives from various reasons - from social changes, through changes in the labor market and ending in changes to social attitudes.

A review of the most remunerative professions in the Czech Republic (Net wages per month)

In the field of transportation

  • Flight supervisor - 164,233 Czech Korunas
  • Pilots, navigators and aircraft technicians - 35,464 Czech Korunas
  • Train drivers - 34,606 Czech Korunas
  • Tram drivers - 31,708 Czech Korunas
  • Bus drivers (public transportation) - 26,507 Czech Korunas

Business field

  • Company CEO - 113,822 Czech Korunas
  • CEO in the field of Banking - 90,938 Czech Korunas
  • Public relations and advertising field - 81,164 Czech Korunas
  • Information technologies and communication manager - 78,164 Czech Korunas
  • Finance manager - 75,411 Czech Korunas
  • Manpower CEO - 74,361 Czech Korunas
  • Research and development managers - 68,853 Czech Korunas

In the field of medicine

  • A specialist physician - 89,672 Czech Korunas
  • An Anesthetist - 76,670 Czech Korunas
  • A Pediatrician - 70,364 Czech Korunas
  • A Radiologist - 69,182 Czech Korunas
  • A Gynecologist - 67,920 Czech Korunas
  • A Family Doctor (internal medicine) - 66,075 Czech Korunas
  • A Psychiatrist – 58,835 Czech Korunas
  • A Chief Nurse – 47,230 Czech Korunas

In the field of engineering

  • Electronic Communications Engineers - 88,987 Czech Korunas
  • Energy Production field Engineers - 73,318 Czech Korunas
  • Engineers in the field of Energy Distribution - 54,278 Czech Korunas
  • Machinery Engineers - 54,956 Czech Korunas
  • Machinery Engineers in the field of information technology - 45,602 Czech Korunas
  • Mining Engineers - 44,301 Czech Korunas
  • Electronics Engineers - 43,206 Czech Korunas
  • Chemical Engineers - 41,970 Czech Korunas

In the field of information technology

  • Security Information Specialists - 65,628 Czech Korunas
  • Internet and Multimedia Developers - 54,943 Czech Korunas
  • Systems Analysts - 49,969 Czech Korunas
  • Internet Specialists - 49,184 Czech Korunas
  • Software Developers - 47,797 Czech Korunas
  • Software Analysis Specialists - 43,298 Czech Korunas
  • Code Embedding - 42,467 Czech Korunas

Furthermore, the following professions are also remunerative

  • Organizational strategy developers - 51,840 Czech Korunas
  • Information technology and communications purchasers - 49,106 Czech Korunas
  • Marketing - 41,893 Czech Korunas
  • Manpower Managers – 39,988 Czech Korunas
  • Managers in the fields of health services, culture and education - 36,475 Czech Korunas

The least remunerative professions in the Czech Republic are

  • Janitors - 10,222 Czech Korunas
  • Concierges - 10,847 Czech Korunas
  • Security Guards - 11,633 Czech Korunas
  • Waiters - 11,185 Czech Korunas
  • Cooks (not inclusive of chefs) - 13,238 Czech Korunas
  • Bakers - 14,178 Czech Korunas
  • Orderlies - 12,968 Czech Korunas
  • Tailors - 13,403 Czech Korunas
  • Factory workers - 13,366 Czech Korunas
  • Production workers - 14,038 Czech Korunas
  • Miners - 14,667 Czech Korunas
  • Agricultural Laborers - 14,104 Czech Korunas
  • Foresters – 14,851 Czech Korunas

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