Unemployment rates in the Czech Republic are at an all-time low

The unemployment levels in the Czech Republic have reached an all-time low and are no more than 2.9%. What this means for those seeking employment in the state is that finding work in the Czech Republic was never easier. According to the data of the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social affairs, there are currently 10 available jobs for every individual seeking gainful employment.

The spokesperson of the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social affairs, Martin Bačkovský states that the economy is flourishing tanks to the low unemployment, so that many companies today no longer require employees. He says that there are currently 300,000 available jobs in the market, 70,000 of them in positions that require no prior experience. He therefore claims that in many cases lack of work experience in the Czech Republic is not a disadvantage.

This is a surprising figure, when one compares it to other countries in Europe. It is true that in the first quarter of 2018 many countries such as the Czech Republic enjoyed low unemployment rates (such as Germany, Hungary and Poland), but on the other hand there were countries in which high unemployment rates were observed such as Greece (20.1% in March 2018), Spain (15.8%), Italy (10.7%), France (9.2%) and Croatia (8.9%).

In fact, the unemployment level in Europe is reflective of the national differences between the states in the field of economic performance, so that one can understand why the Czech Republic is attracting so many workers from the European Union States with lower employment numbers, such as Greece, Spain and Italy.

According to the data of the Czech Central Bureau of Statistics, published in early 2018, the work immigrants who have streamed the Czech Republic have led to a massive rise in the number of foreigners in the country. In fact, the Czech Republic currently holds 500,000 foreigners, who make up 5% of the population.

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