In a new development, international investors can now receive up to 60% financing for the purchase of Czech real estate!

As is well known external financing is often an attractive way of leveraging your capital and transforming a good investment into an excellent investment.

Until a year ago international investors, including Israelis, enjoyed the possibility of securing extremely generous morgatges from Czech Republic banks. However, about a year ago the Czech banks completely cut off credit to foreign investors. This was a purely business decision which sought to reduce risks deriving from overexposure to foreign investors.

However, following a long negotiation with one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic, we are pleased to announce that we have finally established an extremely comfortable loan avenue for Israelis to purchase real estate assets for investment in Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) and Pilzen (the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic).

From this day (1 May 2019) forth, investors seeking to secure financing for their acquisitions need not be citizens or residents of the Czech Repulic. Yes, Israeli investors can also secure financing of up to 60% (!) to purchase revenue producing real estate in the Czech Republic.

By the way, for projects such as purchasing buildings, renovating or upgrading them, and selling thereafter ("flipping") it is possible to secure, following the submission of a business plan, funding of up to 70% and sometimesthe same percentage of the renovation.

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