Conbiz Senior Management

Mr Amos Uzan, CEO

BA Media and Communications, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; MBA, University of Pittsburgh.

Extensive experience in the public sector – Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Ministry of Finance, and the Knesset. In-depth knowledge of both the Israeli market and the Czech market, including business and financial bureaucracy.

Fluent in Hebrew, English, and Czech.

Mr Shauli Cohen, Manager of the Israel Branch

BSc Marine Biology, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel.

Entrepreneur with considerable experience in establishing businesses, including a well-known and successful international translation company. Expert in technology and the internet. In charge of creating contacts with Israeli firms and connections between the Czech branch and Israeli branch.

Fluent in Hebrew and English.

Ms Petra Moravkova, Manager of the Czech Branch

BA Theology and Jewish Studies, Charles University, Prague; MA Economic Diplomacy and International Relations.

Former employee of the economic department at the Czech Embassy in Israel, where she primarily formed contacts between Israeli businesses and Czech businesses. In charge of establishing companies, arranging citizenships, and connecting the legal dots.

Fluent in five languages, including Hebrew, Czech, English, and Russian.