Handling applications for licenses from government bodies

In the Czech Republic as in any civilized country, for certain kinds of occupations or services it is necessary to pass a professional course and receive certification from the authorities, in order to increase the authorities' supervision of the practitioner.

There are cases where courses and certifications from other countries are recognized by the Czech authorities and there are cases where it is necessary to complete courses or examinations and, after the matter has been checked and authorized, certification is received, it can be displayed publicly and one can start working.

If you want to start work in the Czech Republic or provide a particular professional service there, it is a good idea to check first if the qualification you received in Israel is recognized. If not, you need to find out what the procedure is that you need to go through in order for the qualification to be recognised. Sometimes this will merely involve translation of the certificate and sometimes you will be required to set up a Czech company, train Czech workers and to receive Czech authorization from the start.

If you are considering providing a professional service in the Czech Republic, please contact us so that we can find you the shortest track to receiving certification. Please contact us now.