Organizing business trips

Usually the process of entering a new country begins with a business visit to the country including a number of meetings with key players or potential partners. Frequently the difference between a successful trip and a failure depends on factors that an outsider does not know at all and therefore we offer a service which will make it easier for you: organizing business trips in the Czech Republic. Whether you are arranging a business meeting or have bought a property in the Czech Republic, or you have just set up a company, or you want to come to the Czech Republic just in order to manage the property you own.

Managers who wanted to arrange a series of meetings in the Czech Republic with distributors or suppliers and at the last minute, after they arrive, experience cancellations or postponement, resulting in the visit to the Czech Republic being inadequately utilized and causing an unnecessary waste of money and time, often contact us. We, who as a result of our experience are familiar with the Czech mentality and culture, know how to recognize when a “meeting” which has been arranged won’t take place and when a meeting which has been arranged in a supposedly offhand manner is really genuine and there is a chance that it will lead to success. We will also arrange backup meetings for you in case of cancellations which happen occasionally for natural reasons.

As a Czech-Israeli company we have a huge advantage. We have Israeli and Czech representatives who are physically located in Israel and in Prague and can arrange whole days in the Czech Republic for you including all the necessary administration such as: hotels, travel, conference rooms, preparing presentations, translation and interpreting, so that you can continue to manage your business and devote your time to the success of your project, without being troubled by administration such as timetables and without risk of arriving in the Czech Republic and discovering too late that meetings have been cancelled.

If you are about to go on a business trip to the Czech Republic or are planning one, please contact us now.