Conbiz is a consultancy and investment company which assists Israeli entities and investors seeking to purchase real estate in the Czech Republic. The company is dedicated to providing consultancy, support and information services to both private individuals and businesses that are interested to purchase a real estate asset for investment purposes in one of the cities of the Czech Republic. 

Whether you are interested in generating a long term revenue stream or selling the asset after its price appreciates, Conbiz can match you up with the property that suits your needs. 

Conbiz has two branches – the first is in Israel and the other is in Prague, the Czech Republic. The two branches operate in close coordination in order to provide you, the Israeli real estate investors, with all of the tools required for you to succeed in the Czech Republic.

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An Israeli citizen who seeks to purchase a real estate asset in the Czech Republic must bear in mind that the Czech culture is quite different from the Israeli culture he is familiar with. 

While purchasing a real estate asset in Israel is a well known process to an Israeli citizen, things in the Czech Republic are handled somewhat differently. For example, unlike the case Israel, bargaining over prices is not done aggressively. That does mean that bargaining is taboo but the manner in which it is done is completely different than it is in Israel. 

We have all the tools to guarantee the success of your investment, an experience of many years and hundreds of real estate purchases, good local connections and extensive professional knowledge. All of our skills and experience are at your disposal to make the process of purchasing the real estate asset as simple, pleasant and profitable as possible.

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Are you about to make an investment in the Czech Republic? You are certainly facing an important decision. We in Conbiz can help you make the decision that is best for you.

In order to get more details, arrange a consultancy meeting in our Israeli branch or clarify any other matter – contact us here today.