Locating residential real estate in the Czech Republic

Locating residential real estate in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a wonderful country, with many cultural treasures and an amazing classic European style. If you long for a home of your own in Prague, the Czech capital, or anywhere else in the Czech Republic, we suggest you use our services to become the owners of your own home in this amazing country.

Real estate in the Czech Republic is known for its stability and, despite the economic crisis that Europe is undergoing, the real estate market is still active. In fact, all the recommendations say that this is the ideal time to invest in real estate in the Czech Republic, as the economy is not at its best and deals can be found at attractive prices.

Property in the Czech Republic can serve as a fruitful investment over time, and also as a holiday apartment – for instance: near a ski resort, in Prague, the Czech capital, or near spa resorts such as Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). During the rest of the year the property can be managed and rented out by a property management company.

By the way, in the current European economic situation there is a window of opportunity which enables you to purchase exclusive properties at particularly attractive prices and with particularly high yields (up to 12 percent in extreme cases).

As a Czech-Israeli company we have frequently helped Israeli investors purchase a wide variety of types of properties in the Czech Republic in recent years; starting from apartments, houses, buildings, etc. Contact us, tell us what your budget is and we will guide you to the new house abroad you always wanted.

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