Ten advantages of opening a company in the Czech Republic

Post date: Mar 25, 2014 2:45:37 PM

10 advantages of opening a company in the Czech Republic

Opening a company in the Czech Republic is intended for anyone who provides services or sells goods in the Czech Republic or the EU. We have listed for you the main ten advantages of opening a company in the Czech Republic.

Other advantages and points that should be taken into account

We highly recommend setting up a European company for anyone who wants to distribute their products in the EU. For this purpose you can set up a company in any of the EU countries but the cost of setting up a Czech s.r.o. company is significantly lower than in the Western European countries.

A business that wants to market its products in the Czech Republic should set up a company or a subsidiary company in the Czech Republic, as the Czechs have a clear tendency to do business more with local companies than with foreign ones. Potential buyers will rely on a Czech company more than on a foreign one and will prefer to buy products specifically from a company that is based in the Czech Republic.‎ ‎A company that deals with trade between Israel and the Czech Republic such as imports and exports will need to open a Czech subsidiary company in order to establish its business there.

If you want to buy real estate in the Czech Republic, you can do so privately, but we recommend setting up a company because then you can enter the expenses resulting from managing your assets into the company, and benefit from a lower amount of tax on the company's profits.

The process of opening a Czech SRO company

We in Conbiz are very experienced in setting up companies with no need to go to the Czech Republic personally – we have done this dozens of times for our clients. Read here about the process of opening a company or contact us in order to receive a price quote.