Locating distributors and suppliers in the Czech Republic

Locating distributors and suppliers in the Czech Republic

As a Czech-Israeli company, we can locate distributors and suppliers for you in all fields in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a major exporter of all kinds of wood products, arms and ammunition, the heavy industries of iron and other metals such as steel, and also machinery, cars, glass, and food products of various kinds. With our help you can locate the best suppliers of these products for you.

As the Czech Republic is in Central Europe, products that are lacking in that area and which in Israel are abundant, such as: fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, souvenirs of the Holy Land, cosmetics, high-tech products, etc. can be imported.

We have often carried out the process of finding suppliers and distributors in the Czech Republic. We have experience in this field and proven successes in a wide variety of fields. For instance, we have found manufacturers of domestic and industrial heaters fuelled with wood chips, manufacturers of concentrates and juices for the canned products industry in Israel, etc. for Israeli clients.

Please contact us today and see if we can locate suppliers or distributors for you in your field.