The Czech Republic – the best country in the world to raise children

Post date: Mar 19, 2017 2:2:12 PM

The Czech Republic – the best country in the world to raise children

The international organization InterNations carried out a study to determine which countries were best for the children of immigrants in 2016. The study was based on the reports and information provided by immigrants to 45 different countries. The study included 43 parameters including: education, access to leisure activities, cost of living and more. The parameters reviewed all fields of life starting with education and continuing to security and health. By the way, an immigrant was defined by the survey as anyone living and working out of the countries in which they were born. For example: high-tech workers, many of which live in the Czech Republic.

The survey found that in 2016 The Czech Republic was ranked second, and increase from being ranked 14th place in 2015. The significant rise in it’s ranking was achieved thanks to lower education costs in the country – 75% of the respondents thought that education in the Czech Republic was affordable. One of the most influential parameters was the fact that higher education in the Czech Republic was free if provided in the Czech Language. Still, the parameter holding back the Czech Republic from being ranked in the first place was the quality of education.

The survey also examined which states were the places easiest to successfully integrate work and family life and the results are as follows: the Czech Republic is ranked 11th out of 67 surveyed states. Finland, by the way, that was ranked first place in the field of raising children was not even included in this surfer, so that in the overall balance the Czech Republic is the best country in the world to raise children in.

Another survey carried out by InterNations ranked the Czech Republic 8th out of 67 states in the field of cost of living. This survey relied on information provided by 14,300 immigrants. According to the survey the costs of food, transportation and accommodations in the Czech Republic were significantly less expensive than those in other Western Countries and it has far greater possibilities for employment.

This study reinforces the results of other studies showing the Czech Republic to be an attractive state for multinational corporations, such as Google, Amazon, Siemens, Skype and other with branches in Prague. This final survey by InterNations indicates that the Czech Republic is not merely attractive financially but also has other advantages, such as in the field of raising children and in balancing work life with family life.

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