2016 Quality of life poll in the Czech Republic

Post date: Dec 25, 2016 12:39:48 PM

2016 Quality of life poll in the Czech Republic 

The Prague regional statues capital city (hlavní město) was ranked as the best region to live in the Czech Republic, according to a poll conducted by the Datank institute. The poll included 1400 responders from the 13 regions (kraje) of the Czech Republic, as well as the Prague regional statues Capital City (hlavní město )and it has been held each year since 2011. This poll ranks the various regions of the Czech Republic according to 514 separate criteria relating to the quality of life. Environment, health, education, work conditions, purchasing power, tourism, personal security and more are all reviewed.

The Prague region (which includes the city of Prague) was ranked first in the 2016 poll thanks to the high salaries in the city, the ease of finding employment, the health services and the existence of many civil and voluntary organizations. While the region suffers higher than average crime rates as compared to the other regions, as well as from a lack of green areas, improvements in both of those fields has occurred in comparison to the previous year. In the field of investment in the environment the Prague district has risen, within a year from the last place in the poll to the fifth place.

The Pardubice region was ranked second in the poll, thanks to improvement in work conditions and investment in the environment (in both fields it was ranked first in this year’s poll) the region ascended from ninth place last year to second place this year. The region was also ranked third in the field of unemployment and greatly improved in the field of road infrastructure and crime. Nonetheless, the region only reached second place due to a deficiency in infrastructure, leisure activities, and education.

The Pilsen region was ranked third, maintaining its ranking from the previous year, but losing the pride of first place it had won in the years 2011 and 2014. The third rank was reached after factoring in the various fields. On the one hand Pilsen enjoys low unemployment rates, high salaries, and a high availability of sporting and leisure facilities (in the field of sports the region reached first place). But on the other hand, in the field of infrastructure and investments in the roads, the Pilsen region was ranked at the bottom of the 14 provinces.

List of the rest of the regions by ranking

4. South Bohemia

5. Hradec Králové

6. Karlovy Vary

7. Zlin

8. Liberec

9. South Moravia (including the city of Brno within it)

10. Central Bohemia

11. Vysočina

12. Ulmutz

13. Ústí nad Labem

14. Moravia-Silesia

These results are of global as well as merely local significance. The quality of life poll run by the Mercer Company in the year 2016, inspected a quality of life index in 230 cities around the world. The City of Prague was ranked 69th, which means that it is placed in the upper third of the best cities in the world. Israel, by the way, has only one representative on the list, Tel-Aviv, which was ranked 104th. That is not the only difference between the cities.

Additional polls repeatedly confirm the quality of life in the Czech Republic compared to the European Union and the world in general. A poll held in the European Union states in 2016 inspected the quality of life according to a number of criteria: purchasing power, personal security, health and healthcare, cost of living, air pollution, and other criteria. In this poll, the Czech Republic was ranked first in Eastern Europe and 15th amongst all countries in the European Union.

A poll held in 2016 by the Henely & Partners company compared the quality of life in 161 states. The quality of life was measured according to the strength of the economy, health and healthcare, education and stability. The strength of the local passport, that is the ability of the citizens of each country to freely move and work or study without requiring a visa, was also compared. The Czech Republic reached 15th place in the world (79.1 points out of 100). In fact, the difference between the Czech Republic and Germany, which was ranked first, is no more than 4 ranking points.

These figures and many others have made the Czech Republic into an ideal site for residence and business investment. For additional details about life in the Czech Republic and investment in the country, please contact us.