Acquiring Czech citizenship

A Czech passport or Czech citizenship for those eligible

We in Conbiz specialize in handling requests for Czech citizenship for those eligible. You can receive this service in Hebrew, English or Czech. ‎

Conditions of acquiring Czech citizenship

You must be:‎ ‎

Advantages of Czech citizenship.‎ ‎

Czech citizenship automatically entitles the holder of a Czech passport to enter the EU, which today consists of 28 countries and has some of the characteristics of a single country, such as a common parliament and a unified economy and currency in some of the countries which are EU members – the Euro.‎ ‎

Czech passport holders benefit from all the rights of a European passport holder. For instance:‎ ‎

As an Israeli-Czech company, we have representatives in Israel and in the Czech Republic with Israeli and Czech employees, including interpreters who will be at your service if necessary.‎ ‎Even if you have not yet begun the process of requesting Czech citizenship, contact us and we will be glad to advise you and explain the process.‎ ‎