reasons to invest in Prague

Post date: Dec 31, 2014 11:13:6 AM

8 reasons to invest in Prague

Because of the low prices

Real estate prices in Prague are much lower than in other European capitals. Real estate experts estimate that property prices in Prague will rise considerably over the next few years following the conclusion of the European crisis, which has kept the prices down. For this reason, investments should be made while prices are still low and attractive.

Because of the stable economy

The Czech economy was and still is one of the most stable in Europe, among other things as a result of the Czech refusal to adopt the Euro and its continued use of the Czech koruna. The rapid pace of development in the Czech Republic, Prague's multicultural ambience, rising tourism, and incoming immigration, together with the large volume of investments pouring into the city, have only enhanced Prague's attractiveness for investors.

Because of the generous financing

The local banking system as well has considerable trust in the Czech real estate market. At present, local banks are willing provide foreign investors with up to 70% (!) of the funds necessary to purchase real estate in the Czech Republic, by using the property as collateral. Our mortgage consultants will arrange the entire financing process. They will take care of submitting the request with all the necessary documents and follow the process until its successful conclusion.

Because of the potential

The government is investing heavily in developing the city of Prague. The city's development plans are progressing at a fast rate and neighborhoods recently considered rundown are now looking up, with property prices beginning to rise. The increase in land prices in the Czech Republic in general is a clear indication of the positive trend. For example, in the third quarter of 2014 property prices rose by some 2%!

Because of the first-rate management

By using a professional property management firm that will take care of everything necessary to manage the property, you assure yourself peace of mind, in the knowledge that your property is being competently managed and cared for. Quite a few residential buildings in Prague are managed by professional firms that operate under a specially designated set of laws for real estate and grant investors a safe and profitable investment environment.

Because of the well-developed rental market

Thanks to its reputation as a business-oriented city and as the best city in Europe for beer lovers, Prague attracts young people and students from all over the Czech Republic who work and study in the city, significantly raising the demand for rental properties. Unemployment in Prague is very low and salaries are high compared to other cities in the Czech Republic.

Because of the proximity

Unlike investments in the US and other distant locations – the trip from Europe or Israel to Prague takes only about 1-5 hours by air. Flight prices are dropping daily thanks to low-cost flights and your investment will always be within reach.

Because of the constant support

We at Conbiz shall provide you, the investor, with constant support from the very beginning of the process until its conclusion. With us at your side you will always know where you stand, with no surprises or underhand tricks. In addition, you will enjoy the constant assistance of a local attorney, one who is proficient and experienced in working with foreign residents, who will see to all the legal aspects as well as registering the property with the Czech land registry office.

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