The Czech Republic's Super Laser Project

Post date: Nov 08, 2011 8:39:8 AM

The Czech Republic's Super Laser Project

The European Commission has approved super laser for seven billion CZK

Super laser ELI project has been approved by the European Commission in April. Scientific complex that is funded by the EU is located in Dolni Brezany near Prague. The Ministry of Education said that the center for nearly seven billion CZK will start to fully operate from 2014. It will be a scientific complex of world importance: the world's most powerful laser will be used when examining cells or cancer therapy.

"ELI project is a result of intensive collaboration of 40 research institutions from 13 EU countries," said office. Laser power should be up to hundred times larger than lasers of this kind that we have. The project also includes two additional research sites with different focus, which should grow up in Hungary and Romania.

"The technologies and projects, which are expected to generate long-term economic impacts, are primarily new techniques for medical imaging and diagnostics, radiotherapy and cancer treatment, tools for developing and testing of new materials, new techniques for dealing with radioactive waste and so on. Scientists in Dolni Brezany (the superlaser position) will also discuss some problems of thermonuclear fusion," according to the ministry.

There were several other huge projects that gained approval during 2011. There is among them Central Institute of Technology (CEITEC), operating in Brno for 6.5 billion CZK. This center aims to examine biomaterials and bio-robotic systems usable in demanding operations. Brno also hosts International Clinical Research Center (ICRC-FNUSA) for about five billion crowns.

Other approved projects involve Biotechnological and Biomedicine Centre BIOCEV based in Vestec near Prague or Sustainable Energy of Research Institute Center REZ for 2.45 billion CZK. The last major project is a supercomputing center in Ostrava IT4Innovations for 1.8 billion.

European funds come from Research and Development for Innovation program. Czech Republic can draw between 2007 and 2013 over two billion euros (over 48 billion CZK) on scientific projects.

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