Finding Jobs In Czech Republic

Seeking and finding a job in the Czech Republic

From time to time there comes a stage in life when we wish to change direction, to move somewhere else, or are even compelled to do so due to relocation. In such a case spouses must search for a job in the country to which they are moving, in our case the Czech Republic – but they are not always successful.

Quite a few people come to us in search of a job in the Czech Republic. Today, with the internet era at its height, this can be utilized in order to look for a job, initially even without physically coming to the Czech Republic.

Features of the Czech job market

Working in the Czech Republic is not only a way of earning a good salary, rather also an opportunity to enjoy a special life style that combines the Eastern European cost of living and the culture and progress so typical of Western European countries.

Those lucky to find a job in Prague will enjoy an artistic and architectural paradise. In addition, Prague is known to be a wonderful entertainment venue with a vibrant night life: jazz clubs, giant mega bars, small and intimate pubs, as well as first-class clubs and restaurants. It is not for nothing that on most summer evenings it is possible to see groups of drunken English, Irish and Scots in the streets of Prague, come to celebrate their bachelor parties.

Anyone wishing to work in tourism in Prague may have to use their elbows. The huge number of tourists arriving in Prague on an almost constant basis creates many jobs and these are occupied the moment they are formed. There are job opportunities outside of Prague as well, in the field of extreme tourism – but these are reserved mainly for professional experienced guides.

Where to start?

Once you have decided to work in the Czech Republic, you must approach the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv and apply for a work visa, if you do not yet have one. Without a work visa you won't be able to obtain a legal job in the Czech Republic, so it is a good idea to consult with someone who has already worked there and gone through the process of applying for a visa. Then you should consider which employment areas interest you. The broader your scope, the more varied the employment opportunities you will find in the Czech Republic, so it is a good idea to focus in advance on 3-4 areas that interest you.

In recent years the Czech Republic has been chosen by many international firms as their logistic and strategic centre for managing all regional activities on the European mainland. These firms often also use Prague as a control centre for their activities in Israel, and therefore there is occasionally need for Hebrew and English speakers for positions in service centres, telemarketing, accounting and more. Thus, it is advisable to search the websites of international firms as well and to look for positions that also require knowledge of Hebrew.

Choose suitable jobs by accessing leading Czech job search websites. Contact employers or companies online or by phone and schedule up to 5 meetings to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Russian speakers will have an easier time with the Czech language than Hebrew speakers, and this should be taken into consideration when accessing the various sites.

Czech recruitment fairs

The "Bilingual People" recruitment fair, intended for foreigners and speakers of foreign languages, is held every March in Prague. The event affords access for many bilingual professions to hundreds of vacant slots in leading global firms and recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic and all over Europe, in employment industries such as customer services, accounting and finance, IT, sales, marketing, translation, and more…

Czech employers

Generally, Czech employers are very strict. If you are late to a job interview by even a few seconds – you will probably start out with a considerable number of bad points.

Got the job? Congratulations! Were you told to report for work at nine a.m.? Come fifteen minutes early and wait for the office to open. Czech employers are not as friendly as Israeli employers and you will constantly feel the distance between employees and managers. This does not mean that you cannot have a beer together after work, but wait for the manager to suggest it, as doing so yourself might be considered audacious.

Go out there and get a job!

If you have reached this far, you must be on the way to finding a job in the Czech Republic. To avoid being stressed by the many arrangements required in preparation for the trip, it is advisable to prepare a list of tasks and work through them. It is necessary to obtain currency used in the Czech Republic - Czech coronas or euros, as well as an international credit card, and to pack suitable clothes according to the season.

Have a good trip and enjoy your work.

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