Checks and surveys

Checks and surveys

Feasibility is an important parameter in the decision to set up a new business, open a new branch, or any other business decision such as for instance purchasing real estate for investment. Frequently, the entrepreneur has difficulty examining the data because of lack of familiarity with the local market and therefore it is important to carry out a professional investigation by people who are familiar with it. The economic feasibility study will ensure that the final decision will be made after examining all the economic and other data in a logical and informed manner.

Feasibility studies will be carried out by our advisors who will research and collect the necessary data on the costs which characterize the field relevant to the business. The investigator will then carry out research simulating the business’s activity over different periods so that the client will be able to reach conclusions regarding the business’s economic output.‎ ‎ Likewise, the break-even point of the business operation will be calculated, i.e. what is the minimal extent of activity necessary so that the business will not lose money. In the end, the investigation will be clearly summarized for the investor – something that will enable him to receive a future picture of the business’s financial activity.

Another result which increases the importance of the economic feasibility study is the ability to establish realistic levels of investment necessary and the real levels of risk. For instance, the number of workers in the business, salaries, profit margins, cash flow, etc. It is important to remember that even after the economic investigation, there are economic risks in doing business in an unfamiliar country, whether resulting from unexpected fluctuations of the market or because of unsound management of the business and there is therefore a need for permanent, ongoing guidance by professionals.

As part of the service and after you have decided to set up the new company or business we will refer you to financial advisors specializing in budget supervision who will follow the company’s financial functioning closely during the first years of activity.

If you are considering entering the Czech Republic please contact us so that we can carry out a specific investigation or preliminary survey for you. Please contact us now.