Managing property in the Czech Republic

Managing property in the Czech Republic

An Israeli entrepreneur who wants to buy real estate for investment in Prague or in the Czech Republic but does not have the time or the necessary knowledge to deal with the property continually, will find that Conbiz is the ideal solution for the ongoing management of his property.

An owner of real estate in the Czech Republic who does not live in the country and wishes to rent out the property is not familiar with the accepted prices in the market and, if there is is any problem with the apartment, will have to deal with it from a distance without examining the results of the treatment.‎ ‎Also, it is difficult to handle cases of problematic tenants from a distance, and such problems do occur from time to time, everywhere in the world.

Our property management services include:

As a Czech-Israeli company we have a huge advantage. We have Israeli and Czech representatives who are physically present in Israel and in Prague; they will work with you in your mother tongue, 24/7 if necessary, so that you can continue to sleep quietly in Israel and know that the property you have invested your money in is in good and reliable hands.

If you have a property and you need property management services in the Czech Republic, please contact us now.‎ ‎