Investment in real estate in the Nusle neighborhood in Prague 4

Post date: May 05, 2017 11:24:27 AM

Investment in real estate in the Nusle neighborhood in Prague 4

The real estate market in Prague has been in ferment over the past few years and for good cause. Many investors from different states are choosing to invest their money in purchasing real estate in the various districts of the Capital of the Czech Republic. One of the neighborhoods emerging as an attractive real estate target over the past few years is the Nusle neighborhood.

The Nusle neighborhood is located primarily in the Prague 4 and partially in the Prague 2 districts. It is adjacent to two neighborhoods: the Pankrác neighborhood abuts it on one side, and the Vinohrady neighborhood abuts it on the other. The considerable rise in the socioeconomic level of the population over the past years in those neighborhoods has brought about, among other outcomes, the rise in demand for apartments in the Nusle neighborhood and with it prices as well.

In fact, two real estate trends are developing in the Nusle neighborhood

Nusle – then and now

Nusle began, in the 11th century, as a small remote village. Most of the current built up area was then farms and vineyards. There are several reasons this village developed into a desirable real estate target.

These include:

It is no wonder that the Nusle neighborhood is considered an excellent residential neighborhood in general and for young people in particular, especially young couples and students in the Charles University. 

Every reason to invest in real estate in the Nusle neighborhood.

It is no wonder that the Nusle neighborhood is a paradise for investors in real estate. On the one hand the real estate prices in the neighborhood are considered relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of Prague and on the other hand – the demand for real estate in the neighborhood and the value of apartments in it has steadily increased over the past few years.

The neighborhood has a plethora of apartments suitable for purchase for which one can receive up to 80% financing from Czech Republic banks. Thanks to its location, the neighborhood is suitable for purchase of remunerative assets on the long term. In addition, thanks to the advantages of the neighborhood, real estate assets in it will be leased quickly and provide a high yield on your investment.

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