The economy of the Czech Republic is amongst the top 30 economies in the world!

Post date: Jul 31, 2018 4:59:18 AM

The economy of the Czech Republic is amongst the top 30 economies in the world!

The business friendly environment of the Czech Republic has led it to assume a position as one of the top 30 economies in the world. That is what the 4th annual edition of the Soft Power 30 Index, launched by Portland, a strategic media consultancy firm in collaboration with the Center for Public Diplomacy in the South California Univeerstity had to say.

The Czech Republic reached the 26th position in the survey and pulled ahead of larger economies such as that of China and Russia. In one of the parameters, the Czech Republic reached the 19th rank – ahead of Greece and Hungary and rapidly growing economies in the Far East such as Korea and Singapore. By the way, the first place in the survey was reached by the United Kingdom, whereas France reached the second place.

These results prove that the Czech Republic serves as one of the leading business hubs in Europe. The location of the Czech Republic, and the fact that it possesses a skilled labor force and many tax incentives for new businesses and investments all indicate the same thing – the Czech Republic is headed to enjoy an ever greater economic boom over the upcoming years.

According to the founder of the survey, professor Joseph Nye of Harvard University, the survey integrated objective values and parameters from international surveys, so that it provides a good economic image and proves how changes in policy and global international trends affect the relative economic power of states. As an example he pointed at the erosion of American economic power by the "America First" policy of U.S President Donald Trump.

The Chair of the Center for Public Diplomacy in the University of South California, Jay Wang, said the following: "Public diplomacy is more important today than ever, given the current challenges and opportunities in global matters, so that this survey enables us to reach wise economic decisions."

He adds – "That is why, optimization of the economic advantages of any given state, requires it to first maintain its global presence and economic influence". The Author of the survey, Jonathan McClory claims that this survey is primarily proof of the fact that the European States, the Czech Republic among them, continue to be leading world economies.

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