Setting up company in the Czech Republic

Registering a limited liability (S.R.O.) company in the Czech Republic

The Czech market has many advantages. The combination of the relatively low cost of local manpower, state-of-the-art technology and efficient labor, results in particularly cheap manufacturing costs of various products, but not necessarily. Knowledge-based but neverthelesss very cheap hi-tech industries can also be found in the Czech Republic. Because of these advantages business people choose to start business activity in the Czech Republic.

As part of the process of entering the Czech market it is usually necessary to establish a limited liability company in the Czech Republic in order to be recognized by the authorities, and sometimes local companies prefer to work only with Czech companies and not with foreign ones; also when the business is run by a Czech company it can win government tenders and receive services from the authorities such as VAT refunds,grants from EU funds, work visas for managers and for workers essential to the company.

Setting up your new Czech company will take place in our Czech branch. Setting up the company takes from one and a half to two months and when it is completed you will receive from us certification from a notary, from the Czech Registrar of Companies, bank authorizations, and the details of the business bank account that we will open for your new company. As well as a regular Czech currency account, we can open bank accounts for you in other currencies such as dollars and euros.

A name for the company can be chosen from among many options. According to Czech law one may not choose a name that is similar to the name of an existing company or any brand in the Czech Republic. Also names that are offensive or insulting are not allowed. At the start of the process of setting up a company we ask you to suggest a number of possible names so that if we discover during the process that one of them is already taken or is not allowed by the Registrar of Companies we need not waste time on additional clarifications regarding a new name.

The Czech law requires every company registered in the Czech Republic to give the authorities an address in the Czech Republic. If you do not intend to rent an office in the Czech Republic you can rent a virtual office with an address in Prague. In addition, it is important to know that you can use the virtual office services for other needs, such as for instance to arrange businesss meetings during your stay in Prague.‎ ‎ If you wish us to set up a Czech company for you, you are invited to contact us