Young Americans are voting with their feet for Prague

Post date: Mar 19, 2017 2:10:8 PM

Young Americans are voting with their feet for Prague 

The New York Times, the renowned U.S Newspaper, has surveyed the 20 most popular destinations for American Millennials in their twenties. Topping the list for Europe is Prague (ranked fifth amongst the most toured European cities). The New York Times outlines the reasons for this: The city is welcoming for young people and is famous for its excellent beer, much beloved by young Americans.

The paper claims that Prague is a magical city filled with energy and it especially recommends the Zizkov Quarter. The reason for this recommendation is that the rent in this quarter is considered low, and attractive for students, musicians and artists. The result is a quarter with a unique and free spirited atmosphere and a plethora of galleries, coffee houses and pubs beloved by those in their twenties.

Furthermore, the Zizkov quarter is considered to be a “young” site thanks to the presence of the University of Economics in this quarter, and its proximity to the center of the city. In fact, the quarter, though considered young in spirit is very close to the historical center of Prague- only 5-10 minutes away in public transportation. While the quarter has been considered to have bright prospects for many years now, it seems that the young Americans have only discovered it now.

The Odyssey paper has also investigated which 12 cities are most worthwhile visiting in your twenties. The paper ranked Prague at seventh place and claimed that living in the city was relatively inexpensive, that the culture of Prague was incredible and that it’s architecture was breathtaking. The paper recommends you visit the Lennon wall in Prague 1 to get a taste of the local free spirit, a spirit which remained unvanquished and unbowed even during the darkest periods of communist rule.

In another survey carried out by the travel agency Good Travel Young, Prague was ranked in the 15th place. The travel agency recommended that young people visit Prague as it is a perfect blend of architecture, history and old fashioned pleasure. The travel agency claims that architecture students will particularly enjoy the city because it has a wide variety of architectural styles: renaissance, baroque, Rococo, Ars-Nova and more.

Aside from the young American tourists projected to arrive in the city as a consequence of the publication of these studies, Prague already hosts 4 million tourists a year. You can, believe it or not, turn a profit on tourism in Prague by renting out an apartment for a short period of time in a Airbnb style. In Prague, unlike other cities worldwide, the municipality allows, and even encourages, renting out apartments in this manner.

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