The different districts of Pilsen – characteristics and atmosphere

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The different districts of Pilsen – characteristics and atmosphere 

The city of Pilsen is divided into ten urban zones – 10 different quarters. Each of them has its own unique history, composition of residents and distinct characteristics unlike any you might find elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Pilzen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic and a little over 180,000 people reside within the city limits. The city is the site of a large university, the Skoda vehicle factories and the largest beer breweriesinthe Czech Republic – Pilsner Beer.

Pilsen 1 – the old city

Pilsen zone 1 was established as an administrative center when many new residents arrived in the city. This zone lay in the north of the city and is sometimes also called the "northern suburb". This is the site of the old city quarter called Roudna and a number of independent villages such as Bolevec, Bila Hora and Kosutka.

This district was previously integrated with the Lochotin residential district and later on with various other residential projects such as Košutka, Bolevec and Vinice. It is currently the largest district in the city in terms of residents (50,000 people) and is considered to be a leading district in terms of the environment, built up area to land reserve ratio, and in terms of recreational activity options.

Pilsen 2 – Slovany

The Pilsen 2 district lies in the south-eastern part of the city, spreads across 405 acres and is home to 35,000 people. The area borders on the north the central train station, in the west the Radbuza river and in the east the Úhlava Úslava river.

The Pilsen 2 district contain the following areas: Božkov, Doudlevce, Hradiště, Koterov, Lobzy as well as the eastern suburb. It borders upon the 4th, 3rd and 8th district.

The Slovany neighborhood is considered to be the best neighborhood in Pilsen. This is in fact the area around Siant Slovenska. Another interesting site in the district is the Saint Nicholas Square.

Pilsen 3

The Pilsen 3 district sprawls over 876 acres and connects the historic part of the city with new districts such as Bory, Doudlevce, Skvrňany, Nová Hospoda, Zátiší, Valcha and Radobyčice. The Pilsen 3 district is considered to be one of the most populated districts in the city.

This district contains the central square "Náměstí republiky". This is a very pleasant place to hike, particularly before Christmas, when the holiday markets are breathtaking in their beauty. You can read more on the square in the Pilsen Municpal Government Site.

Another good area for real estate investments in the city is the environs of the Americká street.

Pilsen 4 - Doubravka

The Pilsen 4 district is also called Doubravka after one of the communities which were located on the site prior to the city's expansion. This area is in the eastern sector of the city and borders Pilsen 1 on the North, Pilsen 2 on the south, and Pilsen 3 on the west. The district unifies the Doubravka, Letná and Lobzy districts as well as the peripherial towns Bukovec, Červený Hrádek, Újezd and Zábělá and Zábělá. It is home to some 25,000 residents.

The Pilsen 4 district is considered to be one of the most dynamic and fastest developing districts in the city. New residential buildings with family homes are being built up between the towns, and many empty lots are being opened up for residential construction. The future municipal real estate development plan includes continued development of the residential and industrial infrastructure and the district has become a regional immigration magnet.

Pilsen 5 - Křimice

Pilsen 5 is located in the west of the city and the river Mze flows through it. The district almost completely covers the area of the ancient village of Křimice and a part of the historic village of Radčice.

Pilsen 6 - Litice

This area lies in the southern part of the city and 2 rivers flow through it, one of them, České údolí, dammed. The area the district sprawls over lies on the territory of an identically named village, but it was a separate district between 1970-1974. Since 1990, Pilsen 6 is an independent municipal district.

Pilsen 7 - Radčice

The rural Pilsen 7 district is located at the west of the city on the banks of the river Mže. Pilsen 7 borders Pilsen 9 and Pilsen 5, is home to no more than 1000 residents and is surrounded by a natural rock formation. It also includes a romantic castle which has been preserved from the early 20th century.

Pilsen 7 is part of the municipal area of Pilsen since 1976 and has been made an independent district in 1990. The area hs a strong agricultural character thanks to the river Mže and the fertile land which surrounds it. The north of the district contains a forest, located in the center of a restored village, with historical estates, and an industrial zone in the west.

Pilsen 8 - Černice

Pilsen 8 contains the preserved historical center of the city, built in the first half of the 15th century. The northwest of the district borders the right bank of the Úhlava river. The southeastern portion of the districtcontains woods with a mountain bike path which leads to the ruins of the Radyně Castle. The northern part of Pilsen 8 contains the Olympia mall which includes a cinema, a post office branch and many stores (such as the Kika brand furniture stoor) and a gas station.

Pilsen 9 - Malesice

The area lies on the northwestern side of the city, on an area previously occupied by a village with a castle in its center.

Pilsen 10 - Lhota

This district was founded in 2003 as a result of the linkage of the village of Lhota in the city of Pilsen. The area lies in the south-western edge of the city, sprawling over 96 acres. The area enjoys a real estate boom and the population growth within it is projected to continue.

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