Investing in Czech real estate

Post date: Nov 29, 2015 8:24:49 AM

Investing in Czech real estate – excellent consistent returns, good financing options, and an impressive increase in value 

In recent years, Israeli investors have been finding the Israeli property market less attractive. Yields on investment are not as high as previously, the purchase tax on real estate investments has risen considerably, and there is a low hanging cloud of concern and fear that a housing bubble collapse is imminent.

Foreign real estate markets provide an excellent alternative for Israeli investors. Every market has its pros and cons, but the largest disadvantage encountered by investors is a basic lack of confidence when investing overseas. No one enjoys seeing the suit, tie, and wide smiles of a sharp property agent end in a great deal of anguish. Then again, a property that produces high returns, with good financing and an excellent location, can culminate in multiple benefits.

Investment in Czech real estate is very lucrative, as it offers solutions for all types of investors. Individuals, for instance, can find good properties in the Czech Republic, with nice returns, for only a few hundred thousand shekels, while more experienced investors can purchase buildings, complexes, a block of flats, or high yielding commercial property.

Since Czech residents take out few loans and mortgages, Czech banks have large cash reserves on hand and thus tend to grant foreign investors mortgages fairly easily. This does not mean that professional counseling is unnecessary, rather that mortgage plans are more convenient and reasonable, and financing options significantly better, than in Israel.

Conbiz – Reassurance until the very end

Conbiz specializes in real estate investments in the Czech Republic. In the last five years the company has expanded its activities to other Czech cities as well, based on its extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Czech real estate market. Conbiz performs high yielding property investments and betterment of real property for investors on all levels, in the Czech Republic in general and in the city of Prague in particular. These successful investments have earned the company an excellent reputation and sincere recommendations, as well as a constantly growing group of investor clients.

Opportunities that are no less than outstanding

We grant investors peace of mind when investing in Czech real estate thanks to our knowledge, skills, and experience with the best professionals in the Czech Republic and Israel, including bankers, mortgage consultants, and businessmen.

As a result of our extensive collaborations and many years of acquaintance we have access to excellent opportunities for investment in Czech real estate, financing deals of up to 70% for purchase of Czech properties, as well as the capacity to generate the highest profits from investing in local real estate.

Here you can read more about Czech real estate, or contact us and hear about the investment plan most suitable for you.