Israeli Brainnovations: from start-up nation to brain nation

Post date: Jun 07, 2016 8:12:54 PM

Israeli Brainnovations: from start-up nation to brain nation

It`s been a long time since experts and also general public try to understand causes of Israeli economic miracle. How come that such a small country in size and population without significant natural resources and furthermore in permanent danger of military attacks from its neighbours managed to build second mostinnovative economics in the world? Thanks to Israeli unique supportive business climate which strongly helps young entrepreneurs with transforming their start-ups into competitive enterprises Israel as country earned attribution “start-up nation”.

Digital innovations, nanotechnologies and also human brain research has been widely supported fields by Israeli investors as well as by governmental authorities. As a result these economic and scientific fields developed very fast into advanced level which eventually created good initial conditions for literally new type of innovations in Israel – so called brainnovations. Brainnovations can be defined as ideas, technologies and applications in early stage of development related to applied human brain research which have further commercial potential. Strategy of generous support of brain-tech innovations or brainnovations naturally opens doors for Israel to become global hub of new emerging niche - neurotechnologies or so called brain technologies.

Israeli Brainnovations as first international accelerator of brain start-ups

National strategy of support of neurotechnologies was launched by Israeli president Shimon Peres who in 2011 marked this field as key economic field for future development of Israel and whole mankind. According to Shimon Peres the aim of the strategy is to replicate Israeli achievements in nanotechnology in neurotechnology, but in scale much greater and more impressive, as stated in online magazine Globes. On the basis of this vision new non-profit organization called Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) was established. Main activities of IBT are:

Soon after its establishment, IBT launched its program with peculiar name - Brainnovations - first Israeli and also international accelerator exclusively dedicated to brain start-ups. Main goal of this program is to accelerate development of innovations and projects in field of applied human brain research and help them with commercialization. Brainnovations is non-profit program which means that participation in the program is free of charge for its members.

“We are now at a unique point in time at which technology can be used to address brain challenges and diseases – from Alzheimer’s to brain trauma and everything in between – as never before. Our objective at Brainnovations is to bring great ideas in the brain-tech arena to fruition, and to help entrepreneurs navigate the complex path to launching initiatives in the medical arena,” stated Yael Fuchs, Brainnovations program manager, for magazine ISRAEL21c.

There are many different neurotech start-ups which graduated in first round of Brainnovations program. Their projects are related to development of the technologies for Alzheimer’s, depression, spasticity, stroke, brain tumors and other neurodegenerative diseases. For example team of start-up is working on new innovative solution for rehabilitation of people who in past suffered different brain injuries. The innovation lies in transferring whole rehabilitation process into virtual environment.

How Brainnovations program looks like?

This three-month long program is dedicated to scientists, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and early stage projects in the BrainTech arena. The scope for applications is really wide, it includes everything from pharma, device and mobile, to consumer. Important aspect of an idea or a project is its potential future commercialization.

Program contains wide variety of lectures and workshops held by field experts. Topics cover all important aspects for BrainTech start-ups such as product definition, marketing, funding, intellectual property, regulation and others.

Applications for second round can be submitted from May till June this year.

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