Prague is the most remunerative city to invest in apartments for Airbnb rentals

Post date: Sep 13, 2017 12:49:33 PM

Forbes: Prague is the most remunerative city to invest in apartments for Airbnb rentals

Forbes Magazine carried out a survey to determine which are the best cities to rent our real estate properties in the framework of Airbnb. True, this is not the only company in the field and since it was founded a number of competitors such as BeyondPricing, Guesty and have been founded. However, this is the best known company in the field and the one most identified with renting out vacation homes. The flourishing of this field has led guests to become ever more sophisticated and their demands only grow. You must, for example be prepared to go the extra mile to become Superhosts.

The aforementioned Forbes study made use of data collected by the Airdna Company, a company that tracks the performances of Airbnb apartments all over the world. This company investigated the occupancy, price and return on investment of over 4 million rental properties with a single goal – finding out where the best opportunities for investment existed.

The study compared the 25 cities with the highest number of apartment rentals worldwide. The average rental price of a single room was calculated via Numbeo and the return on investment was calculated as follows: comparing the rental price of a single bedroom to its price in the Airbnb framework.

As of now, Barcelona leads the charts with a return on investment of 278%. Second, is Prague, with a return on investment of 235% (Tel-Aviv, in contrast, is only 22nd). Airbnb is particularly profitable in cities where it is legal (Prague), and in cities with a shortage of hotel rooms (again, such as Prague). In these cities, renting rooms out Airbnb style enables high incomes, sometimes even better than renting out hotel rooms. By the way, in Prague the highest return on Airbnb investments is Studio Lofts.

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