How much it cost to live in Prague? Living costs report-2015

Post date: May 16, 2016 11:4:36 AM

How much it cost to live in Prague? Living costs report-2015

The Czech republic had experienced some prices increase in year 2015 comparing to the previous year, especially in real estate and consumption sectors. Other sectors as communication and transportation stayed as is. In most cases which is demonstrated in the tables below living costs in Prague are the average costs but some exception can be found, mainly in food and residence sectors. 

The amounts that shown below are right to the day they were writing in and in most cases they are summed up averages. The Pound and the Dollar are getting stronger each day so attention must be paid. For this report we used currency rates as calculated in our website regarding Czech Koruna currency rate in January 2016: 

Prague restaurants prices 

⃰In bars which not located in downtown price will be significantally lower.

Food prices in Prague supermarkets

⃰ Fresh and UHT milk prices are constantly changing

** There is a variety of prices so the average price would not reflect the actual average price. The lower price stands for familiar brands while the higher price stands for premium level brands.

*** Once again, this price is an overall average. Beer can also be purchase for 7 Czech Koruna for bottle. The price does not include the deposit fee for the bottle of 3 Czech Koruna.

Public transportation in Prague 

⃰  The prices as published in Prague public transportation website on January 14th, 2015

** Prices are for tickets which were purchased from the bus driver directly

*** The prices are varied amongst different taxi companies

**** The gasoline price on Jan. 14th, 2015

Flight prices to and from Prague 

⃰ Those prices are the lowest prices found on Jan.14th, 2015 

Accommodation prices in Prague 

⃰ These prices are the averaged rental prices in the real estate market right to Jan.14th, 2015. The apartments size is average to the apartment type.

** For more information about accommodation - read the apartment prices in different districts of Prague

Monthly bills in Prague 

⃰ The price was calculated for one person apartment with electric stove and gas for heating and hot waters purposes.

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