Locating residential buildings for sale in Prague

Locating residential buildings for sale in Prague

Many residential buildings in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, have a single owner. Some apartment buildings are unoccupied but sometimes all the apartments are rented out, yielding an income from day one. Obviously, due to Prague's active real estate market there are constant shifts and properties change hands on a frequent basis.

Czech real estate is known for its stability; despite the economic crisis sweeping the European continent its real estate market is still active. In fact, as of 2014 all indications show that this is the ideal time to invest in Czech real estate. Property prices are still relatively low compared to other European capitals, and buildings for sale in Prague are available for attractive prices.

A residential building purchased in Prague can be a long-term profitable investment. Sometimes all the apartments in the apartment building are already rented out and it will not be necessary to search for tenants. The cost of a residential building in Prague is significantly lower than that of a apartment building in Israel for example and if you find a good investment you can reach profits of more than 15%.

As a Czech-Israeli company, we have assisted quite a few Israeli investors in purchasing a large range of properties in Prague. Contact us, inform us of your budget, and we will find a residential building in Prague to suit your needs.

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