Prague and Tel Aviv – Similarities and Dissimilarities

Post date: Feb 10, 2016 9:1:41 PM

Prague and Tel Aviv – Similarities and Dissimilarities

To a casual observer it might sometimes appear that European cities offer a wider variety of services to residents and tourists than Tel Aviv. Upon close inspection, however, it becomes clear that in many cases European cities are very similar to Tel Aviv. One of the European cities that most resembles Tel Aviv is Prague – the historical capital of the Czech Republic. 

A new OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) report on quality of life in various cities throughout Europe was recently published. The following are the main points with regard to the similarities between Prague and Tel Aviv. For the full report see here.

Several points of comparison between the two cities

Level of education

The average level of education among residents of Prague and in Tel Aviv is one of the highest in OECD countries. Education receives a score of ten out of ten. The Charles University, together with other local universities and colleges, rank Prague among the cities offering the best education in the OECD. Tel Aviv, "the city that never sleeps", equals Prague in this respect. Tel Aviv University is one of the best universities in the world and it produces renown scholars. Tel Aviv also has a large number of academic colleges. Average residents of both cities have a secondary level of education at the very least.

Level of services and their accessibility

In this area as well there is a large degree of similarity between Tel Aviv and Prague. Prague's public services received the encouraging score of 7.9 from a maximum of 10 for accessibility (in Tel Aviv the score is slightly higher). The accessibility of services is beneficial, as stated, for both local residents and tourists. This refers to various municipal services, as well as healthcare and recreation. The high level of services in Prague and Tel Aviv make these cities both tourist- and investor-friendly.

Level of employment

Both Prague and Tel Aviv are characterized by a high level of employment and a very low level of unemployment. The proportion of those employed among the working age population is very high, reaching over seventy six percent. The proportion of unemployed in Prague is slightly more than three percent, very low in comparison to all other cities in the OECD. Tel Aviv has the same percentage of employed as Prague. The proportion of unemployed, however, is comparatively high, at slightly more than five percent. This is still a very low proportion. Healthcare

Israel has always been a country with good, and even very good, healthcare services. On this issue Tel Aviv is ranked very high among OECD countries, certainly compared to Prague. Tel Aviv is ranked among the 14 top countries in the OECD, making it very safe for tourists. Prague, in contrast, is in the lower third, and it is considered less developed in this respect. Healthcare is the area with the most significant discrepancy between Prague and Tel Aviv.

Available income and housing

With regard to level of income, Prague is one of the best locations in the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, compared to other OECD countries, the average income in Prague is in the lower median (among the 44 lowest).

The annual available income per capita in Prague is slightly more than fifteen thousand dollars – about $1,250 a month. In Tel Aviv the annual available income per capita is only about one thousand dollars. This stresses the benefits of establishing service call centers in Prague, as well as service and support centers and any other function requiring high standard human resources at a low cost. Internet giant Amazon, for instance, did so during 2015.

No. of rooms per capita

Both cities, Prague and Tel Aviv, have a shortage of housing options. The shortage is particularly noticeable considering the surplus in other European cities. In both Prague and Tel Aviv there is a high demand for housing, making these two cities a very attractive target for property investments.

Israelis residing in Tel Aviv who visit Prague will find themselves in a very similar place. The similarity is evident both in the residential conditions and in possibilities for investment. Prague, like Tel Aviv, is a city in which real estate properties are quickly snapped up. However investments in Prague might yield higher profits due to the very high financing offered by local banks, with much more attractive terms than in Tel Aviv.

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