Organizing trips for investors

Organizing trips for investors

Good investors identify opportunities before they become widely known. Sometimes an investor puts his money into a project in a foreign country and needs to keep a close eye on things. In such cases and similar ones, you can use our services.

If you have identified an interesting property for investment and you want to go to the Czech Republic in order to investigate it at close hand before deciding whether to invest or not, we can offer you a trip to the area. Before the trip we will examine the property ourselves, the area and the typical residents in the area so that when you arrive you can receive the information accompanied with examples from the field. One of our Czech employees will accompany the trip and thus, in addition to the information that we collected previously you will be able to make use of him in order to interact with the area and the residents.

Of course, secrecy in such cases is essential and we promise you that any information revealed will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to anyone other than you.

After a successful trip we will continue to assist you. As a Czech-Israeli company we have a huge advantage. We will refer you to lawyers with whom we have close connections and if necessary to local tax advisors so that they can accompany the investment process. We also have solutions on the topic of finance, and banks and advisors who work with us regularly can be of service to you and offer a loan or a mortgage for the project. In cases where setting up a Czech company for investment purposes is recommended, we can do that for you.

If you are about to go on a business trip to the Czech Republic or are planning investment in the Czech Republic, please contact us now.