Locating real estate for investment in the Czech Republic

Locating real estate for investment in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a wonderful country, with many cultural treasures and an amazing classic European style. One of the things that makes it a paradise for conservative investors in real estate is the fact that the Czech Republic is a top tourist destination for lovers of classic European art and architecture. A large part of the Czech economy is based on this fact. By the way, that is the reason that real estate prices in areas in demand stay relatively stable with a general tendency to rise.

Adventurous investors will prefer to invest in properties outside Prague and sometimes will receive yield percentages that can, with the right planning, reach 10% or higher (!). Conservative investors will prefer to invest in the center of Prague and buy an apartment or building whose cost is low relative to Israel; the yield in such a case will be around 3-6 percent, depending on the nature of the property and various other factors, fixed or varying.

Many investors utilize the fact that Prague is top tourist destination and buy apartments for short-time rent and use various internet facilities as Airbnb for this purpose. In those cases properties are to be buy only in supreme location and near tourist attractions in Prague 1 or Prague 2.

After the pursuing the property can be upgraded and sold in good value or can be rented to Czech citizen and getting monthly rent by doing so. The late scenario is highly recommended and in cases of short-time rent it is possible to use property management services in order to maximize the property value. The management service will keep and monitor the property and will arrange repairs if needed or re-rent the property it in case the tenant left mid-term.

After purchase the property can be upgraded and sold with a good profit, or rented to Czechs for a monthly rent. In the latter case it is preferrable to use property management services that will deal with repairs, supervise and look after the property, and if necessary also rent it out in the event of the tenant leaving, so that you can maximize the profit from your new house in the Czech Republic.

By the way, in the current European economic situation there is a window of opportunity which enables you to purchase exclusive properties at particularly attractive prices and with particularly high yields.

As a Czech-Israeli company we have frequently helped Israeli investors to purchase a wide variety of types of properties in the Czech Republic in recent years; starting with apartments, houses, buildings and even commercial areas, for residence and for investment. Simply contact us, tell us what your budget is and we will guide you all the way to the new house abroad you always wanted.

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