The Municipal Government of Prague mobilizes to promote business development

Post date: May 29, 2018 7:47:41 AM

The Municipal Government of Prague mobilizes to promote business development

The Municipality of Prague is launching a new online application called innovationmarket. The goal of this initiative is to assist Prague businesses to implement innovative concepts and form connections with scientific research institutes which are developing innovative technology, such as the Charles University (UK), the Technical Czech University (ČVUT), The Czech University of Life Sciences (ČZU), high-tech companies and more.

The Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová said that the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship is extremely important for the city: "We have opened up 2 municipal technological incubators in which we provide new companies with the opportunity to develop ideas and projects. We have also established a creative centre in which companies can merge innovation, culture and education."

The internet application provides information regarding to a variety of services offered by the university and municipal research institutes, including a detailed description of every service and means of communication to form a connection with the representatives of the various institutes. The data bank is available at Currently the databank includes data from 90 scientific research institutes active in Prague. This data will be updated on a regular basis, both at the initiative of the various institutes and according to demand. The database of the application is available by computer or by smartphone and can be searched by service type, research field and full text.

"The online application is the tool which we want to use to connect the business community with scientific research" says the mayor. In fact, the online application is intended to improve the accessibility of entrepreneurs to opportunities offered by the Prague research community but is also meant to assist the research institutes by transforming their ideas into commercial initiatives and improvements.

The mayor adds the following: "This application reinforces the Prague Voucher Project and creates a comprehensive solution that implements university research ideas in the non-academic world". The Prague Voucher Project, which was launched in 2017, subsidizes several scientific fields and supports innovative projects, for example by funding technological incubators. The project offers 480 million Czech Korunas to entrepreneurs in Prague.

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