What does kk mean?

Post date: Dec 16, 2015 7:6:9 AM

What is the meaning of the Czech real estate term "kk"?

When viewing property descriptions on Czech real estate websites you will probably encounter obscure terms. It is not customary to find the terms "2-room flat" and "studio flat" in the Czech Republic, rather the terms used are "2+1 flat" or "1+kk flat".

These numbers refer to the two parts of every house or flat. Let's take the "2+1 flat" as an example.

So what is the difference between a studio flat, 1+kk and a one-room flat? There is no difference. It is simply one room that includes a bedroom and a kitchen area.

In the case of flats with the designation "kk" there is another aspect that should be considered. Many flats are "1+kk" but have more space than a "2+1". Therefore, when seeking a flat for purchase in the Czech Republic pay attention to the area of the flat. Sometimes even if it is a "1+kk", it can be comfortably divided up using drywall or even furniture.

In Israel flats normally have elevators, air-conditioners and handicap access, but in the Czech Republic these are not the standard. When purchasing a new flat remember to ask about all the smallest details, as what seems completely normal in Israel is not always so in the Czech Republic.

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