Academic studies in the Czech Republic

Post date: Aug 14, 2016 9:2:18 AM

Academic studies in the Czech Republic in General and Prague in particular

Academic studies in the Czech Republic in General and Prague in particular

Education in the Czech Republic is considered to be extremely high quality in a number of aspects: First, the infrastructure in the state in the field of education is amongst the most modern in the world. Second, the Czech Republic educational institutes meet all European Union regulations, considered extremely stringent and rigorous. Finally, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is considered to be a city with one of the highest growth rates in the European Union member states. The cost of living in it is considered to be inexpensive compared to other cities in the world. Academic studies in Prague will enable you to enjoy the best of all worlds : high quality education recognized in Israel and internationally as well as residence in a highly developed yet still booming city. In addition, the Czech Republic supports students financially, and subsidizes their food, habitations, public transport and cultural events.

The primary fields of study in the Czech Republic in general and in Prague in particular

Several dozen universities are active in the Czech Republic : some are public and some are private. As a rule, all Universities in the Czech Republic, both public and private, focus on actual training and qualification (both professional – theoretical and practical) during the period of academic studies and place a strong emphasis on instilling a broad based knowledge base as possible in the field of study. Most Israelis who study in the Czech Republic do so in English language classes and institutions. They primarily study Medicine, Veterinary medicine and Dentistry. The period of study in these fields ranges between 5 and 6 years. In most cases overseas students attend one of the following universities:

Acceptance criteria into these universities are considerably lower than their Israeli equivalents and for the most part all that is required is a full Israeli Matriculation certificate and entry examinations in the exact sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology). However, the tuition fees in these universities are higher than in their Israeli equivalents and range between 9000 to 14000 Euro for year.

Studying in the Czech language rather than the English language in other Universities in the Czech Republic entitles the students to exemption from tuition fees but are limited to the following fields of study: medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, architecture, economics and business administration. In most cases the universities themselves offer paid prep schools to study the Czech language that take place either during the summer or throughout the year.

It must be recalled that Israeli students who hold European citizenship (and even Czech citizenship) of one of the European Union states are not entitled to any reduction of tuition fees on the account of being European Union citizens. The reason for this is that in the Czech Republic, unlike other European Union states, tuition fees are calculated by language of instruction rather than the state of origin of the student. For example : an Israeli student who is also a German citizen who studies in the English language will have to pay a hefty tuition fee whereas an Israeli student who has no European or European Union state citizenship, but who studies in the Czech language will be exempt from all tuition fees.

Still, European citizenship has its advantages. It is important to note that Israeli student who have a double citizenship – Israeli and European, are not obligated to issue a student visa in order to study in the Czech Republic and can even work for a living during their studies. Foreign students who do not hold a European Union or member state citizenship can still work for a living in the Czech Republic but are subject to certain limitations.

Cost of living for students in the Czech Republic.

Since the entry of the Czech Republic to the European Union in 2004 it has achieved a steady economic growth and accelerated development. Indeed, the Czech Republic is considered to be amongst the ten most stable economies in the world. This growth has not passed over the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and the city enjoys new shopping centers and malls, an intense night life, cultural events and a dense transportation grid. As in any large city, the cost of living in Prague is considered to be expensive relative to other, smaller, cities in the Czech Republic. However, relative to other European cities, living expenses are incredibly low. For example: The cost of living for a student (food, habitation, travel and study materials) in Prague for month is no more than 600-700 Euro per month whereas in the City of Brno the cost of living is around 400 Euro per month.

Residential apartments for students in the Czech Republic.

Many people do not perform the correct financial calculations, but the real estate context of Prague today cannot be ignored. In most cases it is worthwhile purchasing a residential property for the student for habitation during the course of his academic studies. At the conclusion of these studies this property can be sold. In this way, the money which would have been spent as rent will not go to waste. In order to finance the purchase of the apartment, a mortgage of up to 70% of the property value can often be obtained.

It is important to mention that over the past few years the requirement for employees with an academic education with practical applications, whose degree meets the standards of the European Union, has been rising. Studies in the Czech Republic provide the student with an academic degree that includes practical experience and that is recognized both in Israel and abroad. In addition, academic studies in Prague enable the student to enjoy all the advantages of a booming, intense, advanced and highly developed European city during high quality academic studies- and all this, at a relatively low cost.

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