Pre – Purchase property assessment in the Czech Republic

Pre – Purchase property assessment and performance of due diligence in the Czech Republic

Are you interested in purchasing an apartment for investment purposes in the Czech Republic but are concerned that you might be sold a cat in a bag?

We are here to provide an answer to these understandable concerns. We will perform a pre – purchase assessment of the property in order to spare you additional future costs beyond those of the actual purchase price, disappointment, and a great many headaches in a foreign country whose language you do not speak and whose customs you are unfamiliar with.

Pre – purchase property assessment should be made by a professional entity, which is well versed and experienced in the Czech Republic’s real estate market. We, in the Conbiz Company, have extensive knowledge and a deep familiarity with the Czech real estate market , including experience in the sale and purchase of assets, property management, and more. Our many satisfied clients will attest to our expertise and performance. Our company is registered in the Czech Republic’s Company Registar and our representatives speak fluent Czech, English and Hebrew, are well versed in the local bureaucratic maze and are deeply familiar with Czech culture and society. We will perform a through assessment of the property with the following highlights:

Once all of the required examinations are complete we will provide you with a detailed and extensive report prior to you deciding to acquire the property. In addition to all of the above, our service also includes examination of all the technical specifications and presents all the findings and flaws found in the apartment as well as providing a price estimate for carrying out any such repairs as said flaws may require.

So before making a decision in regards to a real estate purchase - contact us and we will be delighted to provide you with any assistance as you may require.