The Malls of Prague

Post date: Nov 13, 2016 8:25:54 PM

The Malls of Prague

Residential areas near shopping centers and malls are amongst the most sought after areas for real estate investment in Prague. One reason for this is that shopping and hanging out in the mall is a popular activity for Prague residents of all ages. Other reasons for the popularity of shopping centers among Czechs is the fact that they are open late into the night, the wide variety of products available in them, and their accessibility to public transportation (Many of Prague’s best shopping malls are built directly over metro stations). Accordingly, many Prague residents prefer to do their shopping in a single location rather than split up their shopping activities amongst many small stores. In fact, according to several economic parameters, Prague shopping malls have incredible power, with a greater number of shopping malls per both square meter and residents than any other capital in Europe. Even London trails behind Prague in these parameters, in spite of the greater purchasing power of its residents. Accordingly, if your residential unit is adjacent to one of Prague’s attractive shopping malls this has a positive effect on the value of your investment.

Shopping malls in Prague 1

The Palladium is a modern shopping mall housing a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and amenities in the center of the old city of Prague, at the Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky). The site sprawls over five floors and includes over 180 stores, 20 restaurants, various cafes and bars, and over 900 underground parking spaces. The Palladium is not only a shopping center but also a historical and architectural landmark, and a crossroads in the center of the city. The shopping experience in the Palladium is emphasized by the site design (internal design and exterior design) which uniquely integrates modern and historical architectural styles.

On the other side of the Republic Square and only a few meters from the Palladium, is another shopping center. Obchodní dům Kotva- a few minutes away by foot is another fascinating shopping center- the Florentinum.

Other, smaller shopping malls in Prague 1, can be found on the famous boulevard by the St. Wenceslas square in the Na Příkopě Street: The shopping galleries Slovanský dům and Myslbek , as well as the shopping covered passageway Černá Růže.

Malls in Prague 2

The Karl square was always an attractive site in the center of the city of Prague. At present, the square houses a new, dominant shopping mall- the Atrium shopping mall. The Atrium has a unique entry hall and is directly accessible from the Metro station (Karlovo náměstí, Karl square- line B.)

Malls and shopping centers in Prague 3

In the Famous Vinohrady quarter of Prague lies the popular shopping center Atrium Flora. One of the primary attractions of this center is the IMAX movie theater that houses many screening halls. This shopping center lies directly over the Flora Metro station (line A) and offers the visitors 4 floors and an area of 20000 square meters of various services and 130 fashion and entertainment themed stores.

Shopping centers in Prague 4

Arkady Pankrác is the most recently constructed, and largest, shopping center in Prague. The center was constructed over the Metro station Pankrác (line C). The three floors of the center sprawl over nearly 40,000 square meters and its stores feature many clothing brands such as Calvin Klein, Guess, Pierre Cardin, DKNY, and many others. The center is frequented by many customers from the corporate workers whose offices lie nearby.

In another convenient location, near the Chodov Metro station, lies the Chodov shopping mall. This is one of the largest shopping malls in the Czech Republic in general and in Prague in particular. This mall has opened in 2005 and it includes many stores and service centers that sprawl over 4 floors. In this mall you can find clothing stores, flowers, books and perfumes, makeup and jewelry boutiques, as well as electronic products stores, sporting goods stores, restaurants and cafes side by side with dry cleaning and shoe repair facilities. The shopping mall also included Banks, travel agencies, cell phone company representatives, hairdressers and other such shops.

Prague 4 also has a number of smaller shopping centers such as DBK Budějovická and Novodvorská Plaza.

Malls in Prague 5

In the heart of the famous Anděl neighborhood in Prague, lies a high quality shopping center by the name of Nový Smíchov. This shopping mall is also popular amongst the corporate workers whose offices lie nearby in Anděl Park. This is a large shopping mall and recreational center which spreads over 3 floors.  It is only a few meters away from the Anděl metro station (line B).

Additional, smaller shopping centers found in the more remote portions of Prague 5 include Avion Shopping Park, Metropole Zličín and- Galerie Butovice.

Shopping centers in Prague 6

The Šestka shopping mall offers its customers options for shopping in over 100 shops and supermarkets, as well as an open space. The open space contains a Wi-Fi connection and enables comfortable sitting and dining. Furthermore, it includes a view on the Prague Airport that is fascinating to viewers of all ages.

Malls and Shopping centers in Prague 9

Of all the neighborhoods of Prague 9, Libeň & Vysočany has the swiftest and easiest access to the center of the city. In Vysočany- over the Vysočanská metro station (line B) is a small shopping center, Galerie Fénix by name- the place focuses on restaurants and foodmarts. In the Libeň neighborhood one can find the Galerie Harfa shopping center, located near the O2 performance center- a modern center for sporting events, cultural performances, theater, music concerts and more…

In the suburbs of Prague 9 lies the largest Mall in the Czech Republic- Letňany. An additional, affordable and fashionable mall lies in the outskirts of Prague 9 Černý most, and nearby lies the local, and highly popular branch of IKEA.

Malls in Prague 10

Vršovice is a developing neighborhood in Prague 10 at the outskirts of the center of the city of Prague. In the heart of the neighborhood lies the Eden shopping center. This place is located within walking distance of the sports center of Slavia, the famous Prague soccer team. The area of the shopping center includes some 30,800 meters and it includes more than 90 stores in which one can find everything: from foodstuff to fashion products for all ages, entertainment, a post office and catering services. The location also includes a hypermarket of the Tesco Extra chain, which stretches over a 9000 square meter area.

In the periphery of Prague district 10 lies the Park Hostivař Mall which focuses on recreation, health and entertainment. 

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