Come and discover the Bořivojova project in the Žižkov neighborhood in Prague

Post date: Mar 27, 2018 6:28:14 AM

Come and discover the Bořivojova project in the Žižkov neighborhood in Prague

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New! We are now marketing the In the Bořivojova project in the developing Žižkov neighborhood in Prague 3, which enables investment in apartments which are intended both for long term lease and short term lease such as Airbnb. The project includes renovation and sale of 27 furnished apartments in various sizes which sprawl over 7 floors, such as studio apartments with a garden and a terrace and additional apartments which have been renovated with the best possible materials. For example: some of the apartments have floor heating and some have acoustic windows.

A building which is both an experience and a good investment

The renovated building was originally built in the mid-19th century, and is an artistic delight in and of itself. The building blends in various architectural styles including baroque, renaissance and more, but that is not all – the incredible view of the historic center of Prague spreads out from the vantage points in the upper stories of the building, so this is not merely a wise investment, but a particularly beautiful one as well.

An ideal location

The building is ideal for those investing in short term tourist leases such as Airbnb for several reasons – it is only a few electric tram stations away from the Václav (Wenceslas) square in the heart of the City of Prague it contains a clear separation between private and public spaces and in short – it enjoys a perfect location for short term tourist leases. Nonetheless, the building is also appropriate for long term leases, for example for students and lecturers in the nearby University of Economics, a university with a world class reputation in its field.

The Golem returns to life

In addition, the building is adjacent to the PARUKÁŘKA Park, the park in which, as legend has it, the famous golem is buried. The park also contains bicycle paths, playgrounds and walking paths, and offers a splendid view. Moreover, the building itself has two commercial floors and there are also nearby shopping centers, schools and kindergartens, all of which definite attractors for young families seeking an apartment to lease for the long haul.

A neighborhood for the young generation

In fact, purchasing an apartment for investment in this project is much like listening to the beating heart of the city. The project is in the heart of the Žižkov neighborhood which is characterized by coffee houses, pubs and many bars, and a particularly youthful atmosphere. The neighborhood holds the Jára Cimrman Theatre, the Palác Akropolis night club, the concert and exhibition hall “Atrium” and many other cultural sites. Not only will you enjoy a very remunerative investment, your tenants will also enjoy a year round cultural experience.

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