Modřany borough - An emerging opportunity to invest in Prague real estate

Post date: Sep 06, 2017 7:20:41 AM

Modřany borough - An emerging opportunity to invest in Prague real estate

Modřany (Moderschan in German) is a truly unique Prague neighbourhood. Mainly, because for most of its history it wasn't even part of Prague. Modřany was named for the blue flower Hyacinthus which blossoms on banks of the nearby Vltava River (the root of the word ‘Modřany’ means ‘blue’ in the Czech language). In 1968, Modřany became part of the municipal district Prague 4. However, prior to that, it was a small, independent, suburban town. Close to Prague but still apart from it, Modřany developed its own interesting story.

Authentic urban landscape in Modřany

Modřany has some architectural features differentiating it from what the architecture that characterizes Prague. Many fine medieval buildings can be found in this neighbourhood. There are also many picturesque streets with detached houses and villas which were built during the First Czechoslovak Republic (from 1918 to 1938). On the other hand, you would have to search really hard to find residential apartment houses built from brick, which you would typically see in Prague’s famous quarters that lay close to the city centre such as Vinohrady, Nusle, Holešovice and others. Modřany simply skipped this era of big residential apartment houses and jumped directly to socialistic housing. Therefore, one can easily distinguish between traditional and charming ‘old Modřany’ with its First Republic villas and, well… not so attractive ‘new Modřany’ with its typical ‘panelak’ buildings. Nevertheless, new residential development projects such as Modřanka promise a very optimistic future for Modřany urban design.

Connecting the man-made with the natural

Thanks to its location along the banks of the large Vltava river, this neighbourhood was widely used by Prague residents as a recreational and tourist area as early of the sixties. Because of well-planned urban planning Modřany is surrounded by many large green areas, forests and even protected nature zones. Perhaps the most valuable is Modřanská rokle Nature Park (Modřany Gorge), favourite spot of Prague people for weekend hiking.

Comfortable living and interesting free time opportunities in Modřany

Have no doubt - Modřany is nowadays a fully developed and modern Prague district. Needless to say, all everyday needs of its inhabitants are fulfilled – schools, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops, medical clinics and other important social and business amenities are available. Furthermore, the Novodvorská Plaza shopping mall is only 10 minutes away by car. In addition, Modřany is a great place for active leisure time. In the Freestyle Modřany Park, situated on the banks of the Vltava River, everyone can choose their own way of activity and relaxation. There is a football field, beach volleyball, a mini- golf adventure resort, petanque and a large meadow for other sports or for a picnic. If you want to experience a different kind of adventure, you can make a day trip to the nearby of Prague-Velká Chuchle Racecourse. This popular racetrack is the centre of premier horse racing in the Czech Republic.

Access from Modřany to the city centre

The Modřany district is well connected with Prague´s inner districts by roads and by the Prague integrated public transport system (PIT). This very comfortable connection to downtown is facilitated by long tramline with nice views on the Vltava River. The nearest subway (metro) stations connected to Modřany are ‘Smíchovské nádraží’ in Prague 5 and ‘Kačerov’ in Prague 4. In addition, there is the local train station.

Outline of future development in Modřany

The Modřany borough is projected to grow, and grow fast. Its urban landscape will soon change as new development projects in this area take off. We already mentioned the large project Modřanka, which is under constructions with some apartment buildings almost finished. Modřanka Residence is being built in several stages and will offer a total of 294 new apartments ranging in size from 30 to 160 m2, with layouts from 1+kk to 5+kk. Additional large residential projects led by well-established developers are planned in this area, and offer the promise of hundreds of new, high residential standards, apartments.


Living in Modřany will fit people who like to take advantage of a calmer and more authentic suburban atmosphere but also don’t want to be far away from the city itself where ‘things are happening’. The Modřany district offers a combination of a high quality environment, accessibility to the city, comfort, and great potential for future development.

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